Variable reordering


bddinthandler bdd_reorder_hook (bddinthandler handler)
 Sets a handler for automatic reorderings.
int bdd_swapvar (int v1, int v2)
 Swap two bdd variables.
void bdd_default_reohandler (int prestate)
 Default reorder handler.
void bdd_reorder (int method)
 Start dynamic reordering.
int bdd_reorder_gain (void)
 Calculate the gain in size after a reordering.
bddsizehandler bdd_reorder_probe (bddsizehandler handler)
 Define a handler for minimization of bdds.
void bdd_clrvarblocks (void)
 Clears all variable blocks.
int bdd_addvarblock (BDD b, int fixed)
 Adds a new variable block for reordering.
int bdd_intaddvarblock (int first, int last, int fixed)
 Adds a new variable block for reordering.
void bdd_varblockall (void)
 Add a variable block for all variables.
bddfilehandler bdd_blockfile_hook (bddfilehandler handler)
 Specifies a printing callback handler.
int bdd_autoreorder (int method)
 Enables automatic reordering.
int bdd_autoreorder_times (int method, int num)
 Enables automatic reordering.
int bdd_var2level (int var)
 Fetch the level of a specific bdd variable.
int bdd_level2var (int level)
 Fetch the variable number of a specific level.
int bdd_getreorder_times (void)
 Fetch the current number of allowed reorderings.
int bdd_getreorder_method (void)
 Fetch the current reorder method.
void bdd_enable_reorder (void)
 Enables automatic reordering.
void bdd_disable_reorder (void)
 Disable automatic reordering.
int bdd_reorder_verbose (int value)
 Enables verbose information about reorderings.
void bdd_setvarorder (int *neworder)
 Set a specific variable order.
void bdd_printorder (void)
 Prints the current order to stdout.
void bdd_fprintorder (FILE *ofile)
 Prints the current order to a file.

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